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"In this engaging and inventive story, the significance of mask wearing is portrayed in a way that will be relatable to young readers.  A creative and enjoyable interpretation of a timely issue."

- Kirkus Reviews

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"An educational yet delightful way to help children understand the value of wearing masks."

- Reedsy

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Nicole Billick lives in Tucson, Arizona with her infant daughter, 3-year-old son, unwaveringly supportive husband, and their sweet (but slightly neurotic) cockapoo. She wrote, "Marvelous Masks" for her toddler, who was so uncomfortable seeing other people wear masks he would say, "Mamma, let's go home." Nicole thought "Marvelous Masks" might be helpful to other families, so she decided to share it with the world.

Nicole has been drawing since she was a kid--staying up late with a flashlight under the covers. She enjoys walking her dog and the challenge of gardening in 110+ degree heat. She's probably feeding the baby or cooking something right now, but likely nothing from her garden. She has a BA from Boston University and an MBA from Yale.

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Watch Mr. Matt, a special education teacher, bring Marvelous Masks to life (animation and all!)!!

Watch Mrs. Sage, a teacher in Canada,  read Marvelous Masks.

See Mrs. Hill, a special education teacher in Southern California, read Marvelous Masks HERE.

To help ring in the New Year, Bookmans featured Marvelous Masks during a virtual story time!

The Children's Museum in Tucson also featured Marvelous Masks during a virtual story time with Miss Jordan!

Stay tuned for dates & times of more exciting events! 

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