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The story behind Marvelous Masks

Nicole Billick

I personally have struggled this year to find a way to explain to my children what's going on in the world and why we needed to wear masks (without terrifying them!). After a rough trip to the doctor's office this summer, trying to get a mask on my toddler while he was trying to take mine off (...everything ended up falling on the floor--hats, sunglasses, my bag, its contents...), I came home feeling pretty defeated. As I thought about it more, we're in a new normal that's not feeling very normal. Then it hit me -- astronauts wear a type of mask and wouldn't think twice about it in space. So do cowboys, scuba divers, basesball catchers, chemists, firemen, doctors, blacksmiths....superheroes, when we play pin the tail!....the list goes on and on! I don't know if wearing masks will every feel as *normal* as this, but I thought instead of focusing on germs and a horrible virus, we sure can make masks more relatable for our young children.


After searching for materials, with no luck, I decided to write a book for my toddler: Marvelous Masks.  We recently had a successful doctor's (flu shot) visit wearing our matching bear masks! I wanted to share my story and book with the world in hopes that it helps other families. If it makes one other kiddo smile or one other parent's job a bit easier, then I will be so happy!

~ About Nicole ~

Nicole J Billick lives in Tucson, Arizona with her infant daughter, 3-year-old son, unwaveringly supportive husband, and their sweet (but slightly neurotic) cockapoo.  Nicole has been drawing since she was a kid--staying up late with a flashlight under the covers.  She enjoys walking her dog and the challenge of gardening in 110+ degree heat.  She's probably feeding the baby or cooking something right now, but likely nothing from her garden.  (See her withered peppers in the photo above!)  She has a BA from Boston University and an MBA from Yale.

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